This latest e-Business bandwagon calls for innovative modules in the BSc in e-Business curriculum that reflects today’s digital business environment whilst supporting the government’s initiatives to develop the digital economy. There is a high demand for suitable qualified e-Business specialists in the local and global job markets.

Purpose Of Programme

BSc in e-Business aims to expose the learner to coordinate, direct, and integrate the company’s e-commerce websites, services, and e-business applications for the purpose of smooth business-to-business and business-to-customer transactions, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Digital Marketing Management, Cyber Security, legal issues and other. This includes the development of e-commerce and e-business strategies for leveraging organizational procedures and processes via the internet or online environment. Further the learners are also exposed to Web development technologies, graphics design, implementation and administration of the company’s / business organization web portfolio and Network Communications.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Course period learners should be able to:

  • Apply expert knowledge about the e-Business environment

  • Exhibit required business statistical approaches, skills and competence in business organizational performance and management through the effective use of data.

  • Exhibit strong practical knowledge, skill and competence in computer software web technologies, the network system communications and the use of software applications in e- Business environments.

  • Apply E-Commerce Examination in business processes including electronic transactions, supply chains, decision making and organisational performance.

  • Develop the internet and World Wide Web covering web technologies, information architecture, digital media, web development, vulnerabilities, social software and other

  • Design an informative, organised, and accurate e-Commerce and e-Business related presentation of text, audio and graphical information considering technical and aesthetic considerations.

  • Develop an understanding of entrepreneurship and venture and appreciate their role in an economy.

  • Mastery of pre-process data using specialized data mining techniques in a small to medium organisation

Enrolment Criteria

Normal Entry

  • BGCSE or equivalent (Best 6 subjects, 36 points and above)
  • OVC / RAC / SEN (Best 6 subjects, 31 points and above)
  • NCQF Level 4 in TVET (in relevant certificate IV)
  • Discontinued OVC / RAC / SEN.

Mature Entry

  • Mature Entry is provided for candidates who meet the necessary criteria.
  • Progression / Reinstatements students considered based on recognition of prior learning (RPL).

Modules Covered

  • E-Business 1

  • Introduction to Business Statistics

  • Information Communication Technology

  • Business Communication

  • Introduction to Computerised Accounting

  • E-Commerce Technologies

  • Multimedia

  • Object – Oriented Modelling and Programming

  • Digital Audios and Videos

  • Entrepreneurship and Venture

  • Software Development

  • Media Studies

  • Business Law

  • Business Economics

  • Web Technologies and Systems

  • Business Innovation

  • Wireless Network Planning

  • E-Commerce Systems

  • Imaging and Animation

  • E-Commerce Applications and Systems

  • E-Business 2

  • Distributed Information Systems

  • Graphic Design and Arts

  • Satellite and Space Communications

  • E-Commerce International

  • E-Government

  • Business Informatics

  • International Business and Trade

  • E-Commerce Systems Development (Elective)

  • Digital Applications for Electronic Media (Elective)

  • Business Analysis (Elective)

  • E-Purchasing and Selling (Elective)

  • Dissertation
  • Industrial Attachment

Career Pathways

Graduates of this learning programme can anticipate outstanding employment opportunities and competitive starting pay. e-Business Specialists are needed in almost every business and government organisations. The learning programme is an ideal way to take a start in this highly demanding and lucrative field of e-Business with the following jobs titles:

  • eBusiness / eCommerce Specialist

  • eBusiness / eCommerce Business Analyst

  • eBusiness / eCommerce Program Manager

  • eBusiness Analyst

  • System Analyst

  • IT Admin Manager

  • eBusiness /eCommerce Developer

  • Business IT Manager