Logan Business College (LBC) Admissions Process

Step-by-Step Guide

Our college admissions process is simple and straight forward. From the first inquiry, college admissions team is committed to assist you to make the best choice and with you whatever need along the way for your academic options. This step-by-step process guide will help you understand all that must happen before you join as LBC student.

Step 1: Information Gathering

The step one in LBC admissions process is information gathering. During this stage, you might come across our college marketing regarding facts about our college, accreditation, programmes, sponsorship, eligibility criteria, career pathways and other information through various social and physical media platforms, roadshows, career fairs and other to help you narrow down your choice to the best possible fit.

As a part of enquiry, you can also submit your interest, name, address, email, and phone number via our social media and website links. This will ensure that college admissions team member follow up with you to provide more information about our college, programmes, and other requested information.

Step 2: Filing Application

The step two of the admissions process is to file an application by filling our online form. With your application, you will need to provide general information about yourself, academic scores and submit required transcripts and identity proof document. The submitted application will review by an admissions team, and a decision of admission will then made.

Please note Logan Business College is not charging any application fees.

Step 3: Admissions Decision

Following your submitted application, next in the admissions process is the admissions decision. In this step, you will find out if your admission was successful, waitlisted, or rejected through college admission offer letter or email notifications. This decision can come in few days, a couple of weeks. At Grace, we guarantee that you will hear back from us within three to four weeks.

Step4: Accepting Admission Offer

After receipt of college admission offer letter, the college expects you to send acceptance confirmation via email acknowledgement with signed copy of your offer letter. Which also allows you to move forward with secured place to pursue the programme and you can freely submit the college offer letter to sponsors further process. During this time, for help narrowing down your decision, college visits and conversations with our admissions team members will be beneficial.

Step 5: Enrolments

The last step in the admissions process is becoming an enrolled student. You have considered as an enrolled student once you finally coming to college through Government or self /other sponsorships. The title “enrolled” means that you have successfully applied, have accepted, committed, and now officially enrolled at Logan Business College with your choice of programme to pursue ― congratulations! 

Pursuing undergraduate /graduate study is a time of responsibility, growth, and memories that last a lifetime and leave your irreplaceable mark on Logan Business College.